The Refresher.
This is for those of us who have some shooting experience but need a reminder.  Refresh your knowledge of the settings and techniques. Time to dust off the camera and get reacquainted with the art form. This class is available as a zoom session or as walkabout outdoors.
ZOOM CLASS – WED. MARCH 10th 6pm-8pm.
Workshop duration approx. 2hrs.  Fee $ 85.00   Book Here
The Beginner.
Start from the beginning and learn photography.  This class teaches camera settings on most photographic equipment.  Learn the basics of capturing images by understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Get acquainted with various lenses and how they can help you photograph your favorite subject. This class is available as a zoom class or as a walkabout outdoors.
Workshop duration approx. 6hrs.  Fee $ 165.00   Book Here
The Journey. (COMING SOON)
The Deep Dive.(COMING SOON)